sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

Dark Sun 4e release data and products revealed

Just checking the WotC catalog i could confirm the release date of the Dark Sun product line to be on August 17th of 2010.

The books will be a little diferent from the Eberron and FR, the DS will get:

- Campaing Setting (will have info for both DM and Players)

- Marauders of the Dune Sea - Adventure (2nd to 5th level starting right at the end of the novel "Verdant Passage)

- Creature Catalog (will use the former CS cover, and will feature monsters, hazards and so on)

sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009

More Dark Sun news form WotC Rich Baker

Rich Baker recently posted on his WotC blog a post spilling some more news on our beloved DS setting (

Here is what i picked up from the long post:

- There will be dragonborn on DS, aswell as all the "core races". They will be called Dray and will be a organized tribe of mercenary warriors and sorcerers
- The Dray/Dragonborn will be vengenful and the tribes will protect each other
- Elves will be portraited as thieves and hafling as canibals, as in the original campaing setting, back in the 90's.
- The mechanics design have ended and the book is now on editing.

When more news surface, i will keep you up to date.

quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2009

Little bit of info from WotC staff

Hey folks,

Richard Baker (Dark Sun 4e designer) and some other people on WotC have being running some playtest games and releasing some bits of info. So far i managed to gather the following:

1. Defiller and Gladiator are not expected to be new classes, but will appear as new mechanics.

2. The characters will be able to choose to use or not deffling magic. It will probably "hurt" allies (there has been reports of characters being blood after the use of deffling magic on the party)

3. Mul and Thrikreen are confirmed, no such word on half giants yet.

4. The new races will probably be squeezed in the setting (at least the dragonborn was mentioned on some article.

See you again soon.

segunda-feira, 5 de outubro de 2009

Dark Sun Tiles on pre-order

There has been confirmation that there will be DS themed dungoen tiles. The set will be called Deserts of Athas and can be found on amazon

Till next time

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

DragonLance 4e is comming too

Until the final announcement on GenCon, Dragonlance was still a strong contender for de 2010 DnD setting. But for the lancer's the Dark Sun announcement was like a cold bucket of water on their hopes. But now, some reliable source has confirmed that DL also got a green light to 4e.

Follow the discussion on the official DL boards

Till next time!

DS 4e 2k10 - What we know so far

Since GenCon there has been many tiddy-bits of information regarding Dark Sun 4e for next year. Today i will try o group all that info in one post.

1. There is no certainty that the 3 books format will be applied to Dark Sun, but it is most likely

2. There will (probably) be desert/sand tiles to support DS gameplay, it could be as part of a setting (marine set) or a DS specific. My best guess is that RPGA DM's will receive some desertic tiles on the next cicle

3. There will be no "jump forward" on the history of the setting, it will take in the timeline of the original boxed set and Prism Pentad series of novels.

4. There will likely be some previews during the D&D Experience 2010 to take place in Fort Wayne, IN, on January 28-31.

5. Thri-Kreen and Cannibal halflings will most likely return. Still is unsure if the cannibal part will be somehow tuned down to fit a more young audience.

6. Brom, the original artist for the setting was invited to the project and wants to contribute, but he is too busy right now, and won't confirm his participation.

7. The fifth book of the Prism Pentad series was re-released some months ago. It is a must read for futures DM's since it protraits a "possible near future" of the setting starting point.

8. Harsh terrain and weather will be on of the biggest challenges PC's will face, it is expected some skills challenges rules for that on the next DMG.

Stay tunned for more news comming soon